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  • joanne.pngJoanne Mednick, Psy.D., MFT
    Founder & Executive Director

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    (LMFT 36644)

    Dr. Mednick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in a unique blend of various methodologies to offer her clients the deepest possible healing.

    Dr. Mednick has received her Psy.D, MFT from Ryokan College and has Master's degrees in both Applied Psychology as well as Counseling Psychology and her undergraduate work was at the University of Southern California. Her studies in Spiritual Psychology frame her point of view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This unique perspective permeates into  Dr. Mednick's further studies.

    Dr. Mednick has also received an additional degree in the field of Consciousness Health and Healing. This concentration allows her a deep understanding of the most severe addictions and traumas, and to assist in finding ways to help trauma survivors and sex addicts heal on all five levels of consciousness: Mental, Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual.

    Dr. Mednick has built her practice with clients worldwide. Through trauma, illness and addiction therapy, she transitions clients with the identification of living as "victims" or "survivors" all the way to that of living as "thrivers." She offers her clients complete healing to find deep meaning in past occurrences, and to take the "silver lining" in it all and view their issues as blessings in disguise.

    Dr. Mednick strives to bring her clients completion in the trauma/addiction/illness cycle, and to move them from pull into the trauma vortex (pain and chaos) towards easily and consciously choosing the healing vortex (calm and relaxed).

    Dr. Mednick took ongoing training in advanced EMDR techniques such as the Strategic Developmental Model for EMDR,  is certified in Brain Spotting, and trained in Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. This assisted her most extremely traumatized clients and addicts process their issues much more easily, and without undue distress.

    Dr. Mednick believes in the importance of the Inner Journey and how best to support her clients in reconnecting with that which is inside. Dr. Mednick had also undertaken twelve further years of study with world-renowned Energy Medicine specialist Christine Schenk. She was a member of the first US graduating Master's class. Dr. Mednick is one of the few people in America trained in the CHRIS®-Technique, and as a part of the services she offers, Dr. Mednick blends these techniques into her work at Serenity Trauma Healing Center. The addition of the CHRIS®-Technique to all the psychotherapeutic education has helped Joanne to assist her clients in reaching higher levels of inner peace, connectedness in their body, and achieving a sense of wellness in their lives.

    Through her many years as a therapist and her deep commitment to cutting-edge education, she has learned to pinpoint even the most resistant clients' deepest issues and help them to change their destructive patterns.

    Dr. Mednick believes it is her life's purpose to help others move along their own path towards full and complete healing.

  • robert_waldman.pngRobert P. Waldman, M.D.
    Internal Medicine, Hypertension, Nephrology
    Addiction Medicine

    Among the best known Addiction Medicine experts in the country, Dr. Robert Waldman brings to his work a unique blend of critical-care hospital experience and private-practice office management of drug and alcohol dependencies and co-occurring disorders. He has been actively practicing Addiction Medicine for 25 years and consults at many treatment centers in Los Angeles.

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Waldman graduated from the renowned Central High School and then attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After his college graduation, Dr. Waldman returned to Philadelphia to attend medical school at Hahnemann University where he also served his internship and residency in Internal Medicine. Attracted to the challenges and science of Nephrology, Dr. Waldman served a Nephrology fellowship under Dr. Robert Narins at Temple University, also in Philadelphia. Dr. Waldman completed laboratory research at Temple University and is published in the field of Nephrology. In 1983, he relocated to Los Angeles where he developed a very successful private practice in Nephrology and Internal Medicine in Marina del Rey where he continues to practice today.

    Dr. Waldman has appeared and interviewed on numerous television shows including Dr. Drew, Relapse, and In Session. He was the star defense witness in the Conrad Murray trial testifying as an acknowledged expert on opioid dependence and abuse. Interviews with Dr. Waldman have appeared in the Chicago Tribune and on the Bobble-Head Dad radio show.

    Dr. Waldman resides in Calabasas, California with his lovely wife and three children. His passions include mountain and road biking, soccer, skiing, adventure vacationing, and back-packing. 

  • mike.png

    Mike Beychok, M.A., CMO
    Business Development
    Recovery Coach
    Personal Trainer

    Mike received his degree from the University of Santa Monica (USM) in Spiritual Psychology. He has been facilitating all age ranges for over 10 years and has helped countless individuals work through their issues. Mike decided to become more specifically involved in the addiction field as he saw the great need for coaching that specialized in recovery. Using a very open and intuitive approach, he is easily able to connect with clients to help guide them to a supportive and successful recovery. Having struggled with food addiction and eating disorders himself, he has a deep understanding of what individuals may be feeling and experiencing.

    Mike's struggle with weight and body image lead him to become very active in the fields of physical fitness and nutrition. Being recruited as a walk-on for division 1 tennis at a top university, gives Mike experience working with some of the top athletes and coaching in the world. He has a genuine passion for helping people with their fitness goals and assisting them in creating a healthy life style to coincide with their recovery.

    Mike also graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major focusing on the impacts of globalization on marketing and finance. His multiple years of experience in the fields of marketing and business development has given him the perfect background to assist Serenity with their marketing and outreach efforts daily.

    Mike looks forward to meeting and helping as many people as possible through their healing journey.

  • stephen.pngDr. Stephen Koff DC

    Dr. Stephen Koff has over twenty years experience in specialized health and wellness care. His unique approach to chiropractic medicine combines gentle adjustments with specific trigger point and soft tissue techniques.
    Chiropractic is based on activating the body's own resources. It is a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and nerves posses self-maintaining and self-healing functions. Thus, when the nervous system is working optiminally the body can more effectively defend itself and recover from physical and emotional challenges.

    Dr. Koff further utilizes physiotherapy techniques to promote rapid, pain-free healing, including ultrasound and electrical stimulation. This treatment protocol drastically improves the recovery, functioning, and performance of the muscular skeletal and nervous systems. Dr. Koff has a long history of successfully working with numerous Drug and Rehabilitation Treatment Centers all over Southern California and with top medical physicians and health practitioners in the greater Los Angeles area. Dr Koff creates personalized, comprehensive, and specialized treatment programs for his patients struggling with the complex physical issues related to Addiction, Detox and Stress.

  • Robin_Subrin.pngRuth Subrin, LMFT
    Registered Art Therapist

    Ruth is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a registered art therapist. She received her Masters degree from Phillips Graduate Institute in Psychology and art Therapy. She has also extensive background and ongoing practice in yoga and meditation.

    Ruth has expertise working with clients coping with issues related to aging, bereavement, and death and dying and those challenged with chronic illness. In addition to working at Serenity trauma healing Center, Ruth facilitates art therapy groups at the Marilyn Hilton Achievement Center for Multiple Sclerosis, and with elders affected by mental illness and dementia. She is a SoulCollage facilitator, and has been actively creating her own deck of cards, making presentatios to groups on SoulCollage, and uses SoulCollage with groups and individuals.

    Ruth believes that Art Therapy is a wonderful means of connecting what is inside us-our thoughts, feelings and perceptions-with our outer realities and life experiences. It is based on the belief that images can help us understand who we are and enhance life through self-expression. Ruth is also a practicing artist and has won awards for her portraits.

  • Iris7.jpgIris Nathaniel, M.A., LMFT

    Iris Nathaniel is a psychotherapist in private practice and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Pierce College. She earned a B.A in Psychology at UCLA, and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Phillips Graduate Institute. Over the past fifteen years, Iris has provided individual, family, and group therapy in various settings.

    A large focus of her practice has been with trauma, addictions eating disorders, and dual diagnosis. She enjoys nothing more then empowering clients to live a healthy life, body, mind and spirit. Her passion for health infuses her practice with genuine compassion and enthusiasm.

    Her social activist perspective fueled her drive as an educator. In the past decade, Iris has taught hundreds of students psychology, stress management and women’s studies. Her goal is to direct people to living an authentic life, in which they can find a way to embrace all of the parts of themselves with compassion, and live in their truth.

    As a therapist Iris facilitates an empathic, accepting and highly attuned space which helps create the safety that is so essential for deep transformative work. Her work combines psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness with relational somatic modalities, such as Sensory Motor psychotherapy and Brainspotting. Her sessions include practical tools and life skills, such as assertiveness training, relationship skills and communication skills.

    Her two decades as a yoga practitioner, and meditator inform her desire to help clients find a center inside from which to live authentically. She has joined the Serenity Trauma Center team because she is deeply inspired to assist more and more women and men to fully heal from trauma and create a fulfilling life.

  • judy.png

    Judy Waters, M.A., MFT
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    (LMFT 48732)

    As a psychotherapist and licensed spiritual counselor for more than 20 years, Judy specializes in helping people, especially victims of trauma, to reinvent their lives, grow beyond addictions, profoundly create and heal relationships and expand into a sense of what is truly possible!  Judy has worked intensively in the fields of domestic violence and with addiction treatment centers as well running her own healing center in Larchmont. Judy has been passionately involved in helping people become more empowered all her life. She moved to San Francisco in the early 80s to found a political dance/theater company inspired to advocate for women’s needs and causes. 

    Judy came to Los Angeles to continue her work as an actress and dancer and got involved in assisting battered women in turning their lives around.  This work was so compelling that she changed course and became a spiritual counselor through the Agape International Spiritual Center and then a Marriage and Family Therapist through the powerful training at The University of Santa Monica.

    Judy’s clinical work is inspired from Attachment Theory, Existential-Humanistic Theories, CBT, Reality Therapy and a unique Transformation of Identity process developed in the Feminine Power programs for which she was a course facilitator.  She is also extensively trained in EMDR utilizing special protocols to help her clients soar beyond fear, beyond addictions, beyond depression and beyond trauma and abuse to live powerfully healthy and inspired lives.


  • tabitha_frank.pngTabitha Fronk, LPCC, ATR-BC, CCLS
    Art Therapist 

    Tabitha Fronk is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist, and Certified Child Life Specialist. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Bennington College, and her MA in Art Therapy from Concordia University. For over twenty years, Tabitha has been providing individual, paired, and group art therapy services to clients of all ages in clinical, school, hospital, and rehabilitation settings. In collaboration with her clients, Tabitha has created numerous large-scale painted and mosaic murals, on permanent display in the US and Canada.

    At Serenity, Tabitha facilitates art therapy groups and individual sessions. Participants are guided through a series of carefully selected or co-created assignments, which reflect aspects of mindfulness, resilience, coping, wellness, and sobriety. Our focus is always on exploration, enhancing our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, affirming our strengths, and in turn accelerating our recovery. A wide range of materials is offered during each session: paint, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, printmaking, calligraphy, clay, plaster, collage. Instruction in both technical skills-building and therapeutic use of these materials is provided, as well as suggestions for follow-up activities for those interested.

    Her professional affiliations include: American Art Therapy Association, Southern California Art Therapy Association, Society for American Mosaic Artists, Women's Association for Addiction Treatment, Los Angeles Group Psychotherapy Association, and the California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors.

    As an artist and a therapist, Tabitha has first-hand knowledge of the creative process as a powerful tool for healing and personal transformation, and has devoted her life to sharing this knowledge with others.

  • kyra_large1b.png

    Kyra Haglund, MSW, SEP, E-RYT

    Registered Associated Clinical Social Worker

    BBS Associate Clinical Social Worker # 36643


    Kyra is a clinical social worker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and yoga teacher based in Los Angeles.  She lived and studied holistic arts and cultural anthropology extensively in India and Nepal and is a co-creator of the Santa Monica Yoga teacher training program. Kyra completed her graduated studies in social work from the University of Southern California focusing on mental health, military social work, family systems, and public policy.  She is also certified in Somatic Experiencing, a mind-body modality that works directly with the nervous system to relieve and resolve symptoms of trauma.  She takes an integrative approach to therapy and social justice work, blending traditional psychotherapy, holistic arts, and somatic tools to support greater self-regulation and well-being. 

  • pic_1.jpgDarby Rae, Yoga Instructor
    YogaWorks 200 Hour Certified Teacher

    Darby Rae grew up with the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado as her backyard. At a very young age she fostered a love of art, performance and the study of the physical and energetic human experience – eventually leading her to Santa Monica in 2002. In Los Angeles, she eagerly soaked up as much knowledge as possible, graduating from several acting schools while continuously studying different types of breath work and physical movement techniques (specifically Fitzmaurice and Alexander Technique). Like the final missing puzzle piece, she found her yoga practice in 2005.  The elemental synergism between her practice and her acting studies work together in simple unity, continually expanding her capacity for empathy, openness, strength and balance. 

    Her yoga practice, along with other forms of therapy, played an instrumental roll in her personal recovery from sexual assault. She is certain that yoga helped to rebuild and renew her self love, connection to the present moment, and trust in her own intuition.  

    The human body holds onto trauma in complicated and mysterious ways. When we connect our breath to movement through the ancient practice of yoga, we open up a dialogue with our physical selves by linking the thinking mind with the feeling body. We are asked to confront and acknowledge our shadow side, processing and shedding that which no longer serves us – thus making room for new light to shine through. It is through this work that we are able to deepen our empathy and understanding of ourselves, so that we may strongly stand in the world with balance and compassion for one another.   

    Darby is a YogaWorks 200 hour certified teacher, and is currently in the Yogaworks 300 hour training under the mentorship of Mia Togo. Her classes are inspired by the lessons of the Yoga Sutras and the energetic relevance of the physical postures. She teaches from the ground up, starting with clear and precise attention to alignment. This attention builds a strong foundation and focus so that students may find freedom to explore the inner life that the pose activates and brings to the surface. It is her intention that she creates a safe and warm environment for her students to activate the inherent wisdom of the body, embrace their challenges and make space to move forward in their lives with vitality and open hearts.  


  • catherine_stock.png

    Catherine Stock 
    Massage Therapist 

    Catherine was born and raised in New York. Upon graduating from Union College with a BA in Political Science, she moved to California and shortly thereafter became interested in the healing arts. She is a graduate of the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA and a Certified Massage Practitioner with the California Massage Therapy Council.

    Catherine's excellent training in mind/body connection, coupled with her intuitive ability to locate problematic and stress-related areas in each individual, allows for the client to experience compassionate, relaxing and rejuvenating healing.

    Often people, going through initial recovery from addictions and other mental and physical ailments, experience an uncomfortable disconnect between their mind and body. Catherine has worked passionately as a therapeutic massage therapist for years, with individuals from all walks of life, with a range of afflictions, to assist in bridging that gap.

    Catherine believes in the amazing healing power of touch and finds that massage, coupled with the other extraordinary treatments offered at Serenity, is an integral part of each client's healing process.

  • jamie_1.jpgJamie D. Stern, M.A.
    Neurofeedback Clinician 

     Jamie Stern is a cartographer of the mind, charting the different territories of the brain while seeking the calmness and healing that is found through Neurofeedback Therapy. Jamie’s goal is for her clients to feel optimized – to feel like the best version of themselves! 

      Her scholarly journey began at the University of Southern California (USC) where she studied cartography and environmental science. Once she moved on to her Masters, she focused on human geography, culture, and the psychology of displaced peoples. Her research later focused on Diasporas of WWII which resulted in populations that carried such extreme traumas with extraordinary variety, that it affected the growth and development of subsequent generations.  Her work has since been published in the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society and led her to a position as Director of Research for a non-profit that focuses on the Indo people, a European and Asian hybrid group, who were expelled by force from Indonesia just after WWII. Jamie’s unique perspective on populations affected by trauma, led her to the field of Neurofeedback Therapy in an effort to help people in their healing. Jamie studied Neurofeedback Therapy at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California.

     The connection between trauma and decline in optimum living is clear and something that Jamie is dedicating herself to helping. She has witnessed firsthand how trauma, when not addressed, can be such a negative force in a person’s daily life. Jamie’s entire focus is to find relief for her clients by identifying their optimum frequency and then training the brain at that level through a subconscious process that involves tactile, visual, and auditory feedback. This process eventually retrains the brain which allows the client to more automatically self-regulate, and ultimately promotes a renewed feeling of calmness, better cognitive function, and happiness. Jamie also experienced how Neurofeedback Therapy can target a wide variety of “brain instabilities” such as her own chronic migraines and motion sickness. For Jamie, Neurofeedback Therapy was life changing, and something she deeply looks forward to sharing. 

  • Joanne Mednick, Psy.D., MFT
    Founder & Executive Director

  • Robert P. Waldman, M.D.
    Internal / Addiction Medicine

  • Mike Beychok, M.A.
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dr. Stephen Koff DC

  • Ruth Subrin, LMFT
    Art Therapist

  • Iris Nathaniel, M.A., LMFT
    Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Judy Waters, M.A., MFT
    Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Tabitha Fronk
    Art Therapist

  • Kyra Haglund, MSW, SEP, E-RYT
    Clinical Social Worker

  • Darby Rae
    Yoga Instructor

  • Catherine Stock
    Massage Therapist

  • Jamie D. Stern
    Neurofeedback Clinician

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